Olivier Ramier 
Olivier has a background in mathematical optimization, graph theory, and software engineering. He graduated from the IMT Atlantique engineering school in 2016. For more than 5 years, he has been tinkering with the idea of this project and decided to develop his career with the purpose of seeing it exist in the world. Having worked in different startups, he learned various technologies, the different methodologies, and witnessed the challenges startups commonly face. He joined the Entrepreneur First incubator program from March to June 2020 to put the ideas for this project to the test and to receive quality feedback. Self-learner and fascinated by the web from an early age, he later discovered new passions in software engineering, product, and social design. His interests aside from tech include philosophy, sociology, cinema, photography, Starcraft 2, and electronic music. 
"I started to learn programming at 10 y.o., and wouldn't have been able to do so if there weren't free, accessible resources online to satisfy my curiosity. Open access to information and education profoundly affected my life, I've felt how real the impact is: it is one of the most powerful tools we have to work towards equality of opportunities and social progress." 

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