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Illustrated Guide to Transformers Neural Network: A step by step explanation

15 minutes

Transformers are the rage nowadays, but how do they work? This video demystifies the novel neural network architecture with step by step explanation and illustrations on how transformers work. CORRECTIONS: The sine and cosine functions are actually applied to the embedding dimensions and time steps! Magic Mic | Join waitlist and get it FREE forever when launched! 🎙️ Stonk Chatter | Get the hottest stocks & crypto mentions from Social Media like Reddit straight to your inbox! 🚀🌑 Audo AI | Audio Background Noise Removal Developer API and SDK Subscribe to my email newsletter for updated Content. No spam 🙅‍♂️ only gold 🥇. Discord Server: Join a community of A.I. Hackers Hugging Face Write with Transformers

    • intuitive

    1 hour, 20 minutes

    An introduction talk for deep learning

      16 hours, 32 minutes

      Lectures for UC Berkeley CS 182: Deep Learning.

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